About LSL Engineering Consultants Inc.

LSL Engineering Consultants Inc. is a multidisciplinary engineering consulting firm specializing in providing traffic, transportation, civil and municipal engineering services to the public and private sector clients primarily in Western Canada. Our collaboration professional team collectively has nearly century of career experience practising engineering and delivering projects in Canada, the US, Europe and Australia including the Provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, the States of California, Oregon and Michigan, as well as Scotland, Ireland and New South Wales.

LSL Engineering Consultants Inc. provides an array of consulting engineering services to its clients under the four major disciplinary areas as Traffic Engineering and Design Services, Traffic Signal, Street Lighting and Electrical Design Services, Civil and Municipal Engineering Design Services, as well as Transportation Planning Services.

The services provided by our firm specifically include Traffic Control Signal Design and Implementation, Electrical and Roadway Lighting Design, Municipal Infrastructure Planning, Engineering and Design, Traffic and Transportation Impact Studies, Traffic Modeling, Roadway Improvements Design, Traffic Accommodation Strategies / Traffic Management Plans preparation, Signing and Pavement Marking Design, Parking Planning and Studies, Traffic Signal Timing and Coordinated Timing Plans, Transportation Planning and Multimodal Transportation Studies, Access and Circulation Evaluations, Site Plans Review, Construction Support, and Project Management.


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