Civil and Land Development Engineering Services


Municipal infrastructures in the forms of water supply, sewer, storm drainage and utility facilities are part of the broad categories of public works infrastructures that consist of roads, bridges, pipelines, canals, ports, railroads and airports, as well as other usually long-term, physical assets and facilities. Civil Engineering involve designing and constructing many of these infrastructures including streets, water supply networks, sanitary sewers, storm drainage, traffic signals, street lighting and the associated infrastructure.

LSL Engineering Consultants Inc. provides a range of civil engineering services focusing on land development engineering and municipal infrastructure design. From feasibility studies through to project planning, design approvals and construction, we remain focused on performance, quality and client satisfaction:

  • Development Feasibility Studies
  • Project and Site Evaluations
  • Subdivisions Servicing Infrastructure Design
  • Multi-Family and Commercial Developments Site Servicing Plans (DSSP) Design
  • Roadway Improvements Design

  • Our Civil and Municipal Engineering Services encompass virtually every critical element of the land development project design including specifically:

  • Water Distribution Systems
  • Sanitary Sewer Systems
  • Storm Drainage/Stormwater Management Facilities
  • Roadworks and Utility Improvements
  • Mass and Site Grading Plans
  • Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Street Lighting (under separate discipline)
  • Traffic Signalization (under separate discipline)

  • Service Disciplines

    The following lists showcase our firm’s services capabilities in Civil and Municipal Engineering:

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