Drainage Engineering & Stormwater Management Design

Effective drainage systems are essential to prevent flooding to highways, properties, sites and or lands. The importance of adequate drainage is recognized, for example, in the highway construction dollars to be allocated to storm drain facilities, which typically accounts for about 20% - 25% of total construction costs for highway structures such as culverts, bridge, channel, ditches as well as for erosion control. Two important components of drainage engineering are hydrology and hydraulics. The former is the science that deals with the characteristics and distribution of water in the atmosphere on the earth’s surface or in the ground, while the latter is a topic in applied science and engineering dealing with the mechanical properties of liquids for which fluid mechanics provides the theoretical foundation.

LSL Engineering Consultants Inc.’s design team has the hands-on project experience in drainage engineering and stormwater management design. Our expertise includes hydrologic and hydraulic modeling and evaluations of drainage features and structures, and detailed project design including preparing drainage plans, profiles and construction cost estimates for highway improvements and land development projects. We are currently working on expanding our modeling capabilities to incorporate more state-of-the-art software programs to the services.

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