Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) Design

The conditions of land development projects typically require that erosion and sediment control plans be prepared and included as part of the overall Construction Management Plan to mitigate any issues during the construction period. For example, construction activities such as site grading, excavation and dewatering are a potential source of sediment loading into storm sewers and water courses. Dust caused by disturbance of exposed, dry subsoils by wind and equipment can also be a significant problem during construction activities.

As per the site grading, overland drainage conditions and the nature of specific construction activities, appropriate erosion and sediment control measures are usually required to be evaluated and proposed as part of the standard construction management practices including but not limited to implementation of silt fencing and sediment logs, catch basin sediment control and other appropriate measures during construction.

As part of LSL Engineering Consultants Inc.’s overall land development engineering design services, our design team evaluates the circumstances surrounding the specific construction activities and prepares detailed Erosion and Sediment Control Plans to suit individual construction needs for our land development projects. If required, we also work closely with the contractor to ensure that ESC methods are implemented during construction.

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