Roadway Improvements Design

Road improvements include changes to roadway horizontal and vertical alignments, geometrics or physical improvements involving widening, incorporating intersections and roadside traffic safety features, as well as restoration and rehabilitation including surface repaving, repair or replacement of stream crossings, rehabilitation or replacement of drainage and bridge structures. Road improvement provides an opportunity to upgrade, improve, or repair an existing roadway or highway that is aged or substandard in one or more of its vital elements.

LSL Engineering Consultants Inc.’s team of professionals are experienced in the design of roadway improvement projects including:

  • Intersection conceptual layout and design
  • Access and circulation evaluations and design
  • Roadway geometric design of alignments, plans and profiles
  • Highway drainage and facility design of culvert structures, drainage channels and ditch systems including preparing plans, profiles and construction estimates
  • Utility relocation and stage construction for highway construction projects
  • Roadside safety features and barrier system evaluations and design, and
  • Project quantity and construction cost estimates

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