Parking Studies, Parking Facility Planning and Functional Design

Parking studies are performed to identify inadequacies in the supply of parking, or to determine existing demand in order to plan for future parking. The study size may vary from an individual private lot to a city-wide study incorporating both private and public lots as well as on-street parking. One important component of a parking study is an inventory of the current parking supply, which is required virtually in all parking studies. The parking demand characteristics are more meaningful when presented in context with the parking supply (and vice versa).

LSL Engineering Consultants Inc. has the technical expertise in successfully assisting both the public and private sector clients in carrying out inventory studies of parking supplies, evaluating parking demand, space and related traffic operation requirements, as well as integrating parking in mixed-use projects. We understands that the land uses, the sizes, layouts, and operations of parking facilities are key factors for the success of both individual development projects and community activity centers alike. Our firm is also experienced in planning and functional design of parking facilities to fit within the context of its environment including on-street curb parking and off-street facilities of parking lots and parking garages.


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