Traffic Accommodation Strategies/Traffic Management Plans

Traffic safety is essential when work activities involving utilities, highway constructions or rehabilitation, structure work, material testing and surveying are performed on or adjacent to roadway/bridge facilities. In any of these cases, a traffic accommodation strategy (TAS) would be required to safely direct traffic through the work zones.

The purpose of a Traffic Accommodation Strategy is to provide adequate information, traffic control devices, work zone signage and work zone operational procedures to meet minimum road agency standards. The TAS document is intended for the various parties involved in the work activities so that the accommodation of traffic is handled in a consistent, safe, and effective manner. A TAS is essential to ensure that all parties involved in road constructions have a clear understanding of how traffic needs to be accommodated during the construction and through the construction zones.

LSL Engineering Consultants Inc. has the expertise in preparing traffic accommodation strategies for highway construction projects. Our team is capable of developing effective accommodation strategies utilizing various traffic control devices for both urban and rural highway construction projects as well as preparing drawings detailing temporary signage and site specific traffic control measures for non-typical work zones. Our team's previous project experience also included developing effective TAS and procedures for various highway construction projects in those jurisdictions including Alberta Transportation, Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) and California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).

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