Traffic Engineering Studies and Modeling

LSL Engineering Consultants Inc. has the technical expertise and modeling tools to solve some of the complex transportation and traffic engineering problems. Our traffic engineering modeling service capabilities include signalized and un-signalized intersection capacity and level of service (LOS) analyses, traffic and transportation corridor studies and simulation, coordinated signal timing plans for street corridors, freeway and interchange/ramp junctions congestion and level of service evaluations, queuing analysis, as well as traffic and transportation impact studies /assessments for various land development projects. Our firm utilizes the state-of-the-art software programs to address complex real life traffic situations including Synchro & SimTraffic and HCS+.

For example, we have been frequently requested by our clients/developers to assess potential traffic impacts of proposed commercial, residential, office, educational, mixed-use, industrial, and other types of land development projects and to recommend practical measures or executable solutions as part of the project mitigation plans for the developments to move forward. Our principal has brought in over two decades of valuable hands-on traffic modeling experiences on operation evaluations of intersections, traffic corridors, freeway interchange/ramp junctions, parking facilities, as well as traffic signal coordination and timing optimization.

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