Traffic Signing and Pavement Markings Design

Traffic signs and pavement markings are intricate traffic control devices that by simple display are used to regulate, warn and guide traffic on streets and highways. Traffic signs are used to convey a variety of messages to the road users. As speeds and volumes of traffic increase over the years, the complexities of providing the messages will increase accordingly. General pavement markings consist of lines longitudinal or transverse, as well as symbols and words that are applied to the pavements. To command the road users’ attention, traffic signs and pavement markings must have the fundamental qualities of conspicuity, legibility and recognition.

In Canada, the principles and standards governing traffic signing and pavement marking applications are set out in the Canadian Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (CMUTCD) published by The Transportation Association of Canada (TAC). In light with the established national standards, individual provincial transportation agencies and local jurisdictions may adopt their own specific standards and specifications to supplement the CMUTCD.

LSL Engineering Consultants Inc. is experienced in undertaking signing and pavement marking design for various traffic and transportation improvements projects. Our firm also has the expertise in completing signing and pavement marking project designs where professional engineering judgments and practical experience are exercised to supplement the standard design guidelines.

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