Transportation Planning Services

Transportation Planning is a comprehensive process that involves evaluation, assessment and planning of transportation facilities including streets, highways, bicycle lanes, and public transport infrastructure. The purpose of transportation planning is to develop recommended plans for future transportation improvements based on analysis of critical technical and environmental issues. it is a collaborative process that incorporates the input of many stakeholders including various government agencies, the public and private businesses. Transportation planners apply a multi-modal and/or comprehensive approach to analyzing the wide range of alternatives and impacts on the transportation system to influence beneficial outcomes. Transportation plans typically establish a vision for long-term (20–30-year horizon) infrastructure development and often include a simulation of impacts relative to existing conditions or a no-build future scenario.

LSL Engineering Consultants Inc.’s Transportation Team is experienced in implementing the state-of-the-art evaluation methodologies and techniques to address common Transportation Planning issues. Our experience in preparing transportation planning studies enables us to determine the most appropriate types of data required, collection methods and data formats to support each specific planning study that would help facilitate better transportation decision makings, policies, strategies and plans for the specific planning horizons. We view transportation planning an essential tool that helps enhance communities and improve quality of life by designing and implementing sustainable mobility and multimodal choices.

Our firm’s transportation planning services encompass Transportation Planning Studies and Regional & Multimodal Transportation Studies:

  • Transportation Planning Studies
  • Regional & Multimodal Transportation Studies
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