Regional & Multimodal Transportation Studies (RMTS)

Comprehensive Regional Multimodal Transportation System Planning and Studies, on the other hand, is a complex subject and a significant portion of the total planning effort of regional and metropolitan planning agencies working in conjunction with the provincial/the state and the Federal Governments in North America.

RMTS are the high level studies carrying complex regional and multimodal contexts. The principal modes of transportation for people and goods movements consist of highway, rail, air, and marine. The main elements for each mode include the vehicles (in the forms of automobiles, buses, trucks, intercity rails, commuter trains, subways and freight trains, aircrafts, ships and barges); travel ways (i.e., highways, rail lines, waterways and air space); and transportation terminals/transfer facilities (in the forms of rail terminals, airports, ports or marine terminals/harbors, and intermodal facilities).

The key objectives of RMTS include: 1. Enhancing the mobility of people and goods movements; 2) Increasing the efficiency and safety of travel and goods movements considering different modes of transportation and the transfer between the modes, and 3) Minimizing monetary costs associated with travel time and capital investment on transportation infrastructures/facilities.

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