Transportation Planning Studies

Transportation Planning is a comprehensive process that involves evaluation, assessment and design of transportation facilities including streets, highways, bicycle lanes, and public transport infrastructure. The purpose of a transportation planning study is to develop recommended plans for future transportation improvements based on analysis of critical technical and environmental issues.

LSL Engineering Consultants Inc.’s planning team is experienced in implementing the state-of-the-art evaluation methodologies and techniques for solving common transportation planning problems. The types of Transportation Planning Services that our firm offers include:

  • Corridor Studies that are usually performed 10 years or beyond in advance of construction or project implementation to identify how much transportation and or roadway improvements is needed for a specific travel corridor, including building new roads or upgrading existing transportation infrastructure/or roadways.
  • Network Study and Long Range Planning that are completed to determine general placement and classification for roadways within a planning area.
  • Functional Planning Studies that develop concepts that outline long-term requirements for the ultimate design of transportation network or roadway within a specified study area. These studies usually involve both municipalities and provincial/state governments.