Traffic Signal and Roadway Lighting Design Services

Traffic Signal and Roadway Lighting Design Services are one of the three pillars of LSL Engineering Consultants Inc.’s overall service portfolio. Our team of professionals have brought in extensive experiences designing and delivering traffic signal, street lighting and related projects in North America. The Services allow our firm to undertake and complete projects from planning through to construction under a single roof.

  • Traffic Control Signal Design Services
  • Roadway Lighting Project Design Services

  • The design team at LSL Engineering Consultants Inc. holds a working knowledge of Industrial Standards, Guidelines, National Codes and local Bylaws Standards including those municipalities in the Greater Vancouver Region / the British Columbia’s Lower Mainland:

    • Canadian Electrical Code
    • British Columbia Building Code
    • MMCD Platinum & Gold Standards
    • ANSI/IES RP-8-00 (& 14)
    • Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) Roadway Lighting Design Guide
    • The Standards and Specifications of individual governing agencies

    Our design team conducts thorough project field and record drawing review (as applicable) to establish the design base prior to undertaking the detailed engineering design services. We coordinate closely with the review agencies during the course of design drawings and specifications preparation to ensure that the local and jurisdiction standards are closely followed and the design objectives are fully achieved.

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