Traffic Control Signal Design and Implementation

Highway traffic signals are power-operated traffic control devices that regulate traffic flows or provide specific warning to the traffic. Traffic signals include vehicular signals and pedestrian signals, movable bridge signals, freeway ramp control signals, lane-use control signals and flashing beacons. Vehicular signals are highway traffic signals that alternately assign the right-of-way to the vehicular and pedestrian movements at an intersection and or other roadway locations. Pedestrian signals provide protection for pedestrian and or cyclist's movements crossings over roadways particularly at mid-block locations or an unsignalized intersection.

LSL Engineering Consultants Inc. specializes in the design and implementation of vehicular traffic signals and pedestrian signals and projects. Built on our founding principal’s over two-decades long career experience designing and implementing nearly hundred traffic signalization and signal timing projects both in Canada and the US, our firm has the expertise to deliver signal projects and the design services ranging from new construction to retrofitting/modification across the jurisdictions and the regions, which is a key and integrated component of our overall consulting engineering service capabilities that allow us to undertake projects from planning through to construction.

Being either Permissive (Permitted), Protected, and or Protected/Permissive modes; Pre-timed, Semi-Actuated and or Full-Actuated operations; as well as the NEMA based or the 170/170E/2070 based Controller Units, we are the expert in tailoring the signal design to meet our client’s specific service needs. Our firm has developed extensive expertise in the design of traffic signal systems, wiring, the related components including vehicle detection, emergency vehicle pre-emption, electrical services, as well as signal interconnect/commination infrastructure.

The traffic signal design services at LSL Engineering Consultants Inc. are carried out by our senior engineering staff based on the following technical approaches:

Field Review: We do not solely rely on as-built plans/record drawings for modification projects design, which often time become obsolete. Our engineers and technicians typically undertake thorough field review to verify existing traffic signal conditions and infrastructure prior to undertaking the detailed design. For new traffic signalization projects, we also conduct site investigation to review geometrics, design constraints, traffic operations and safety issues, as well as potential utility conflicts as result of the proposed signalization improvements.

Close Coordination with Review Agencies: Our engineers work closely with review agencies to ensure that the jurisdiction specific standards are followed and met, and that the design takes into account all relevant factors essential for a project.

Project Constructability: We focus on the project “constructability”, especially for those retrofitting /modification projects. Consequently, fewer unknowns would arise during the project construction, resulting in high project constructability that the clients and agencies expect.

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