Traffic Control Signal Design and Implementation

Our founding principal has brought in over two decades of career experience designing over hundred signalization projects with the complete Plans, Specifications and Construction Cost Estimates (PS&E’s) in both Canada and the US, enabling our firm to deliver traffic signal design services ranging from new construction to retrofitting/modification design across jurisdictions. Our signal design service is a key and integrated component of our overall traffic engineering service capabilities that allows us to undertake projects from planning to construction. The traffic signal design services at LSL Engineering Consultants Inc. are carried out by our senior engineering staff utilizing the following design approaches:

Extensive Field Review: We do not solely rely on as-built plans/record drawings for modification projects design, which often time become obsolete. Our engineers and technicians typically undertake thorough site review to verify existing field conditions of traffic signal equipment prior to design, including underground checking for conduit runs and signal wiring. For new traffic signalization projects, we also conduct field investigation to review geometric constraints, traffic operations and safety issues, as well as potential utility conflicts as the result of proposed signalization improvements.

Close Coordination with Public Agencies: Our engineers work closely with review agencies to ensure that the jurisdiction specific standards are met and the design addresses the project’s special needs.

Constructability: We are focusing on the project “constructability”, especially for those retrofitting /modification projects. Our engineers have developed extensive experience in the design of traffic signal systems, wiring, the related components including electrical services and UPS, as well as the signal interconnect and commination systems. Consequently, fewer unknowns would arise during the project construction, resulting in high project constructability that the clients and agencies expect.

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